PowerPack 400

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The light lithium-ion battery easy to install or remove or can simply be charged using the charging socket on the eBike.


Bosch batteries are an efficient, long-life energy source. Thanks to their enormous mileage, long service life and intelligent battery management system, Bosch lithium-ion batteries are among the most modern on the market. Bosch eBike rechargeable batteries combine low weight with ergonomic design and simple handling. The Battery Management System of the high-quality lithium-ion batteries detects potential sources of error and protects cells from overloading. There is a suitable rechargeable battery for every requirement and every type of eBike, from the rack variant, via the frame battery to the integrated solution. The DualBattery is perfect for touring bikers, long-distance commuters or cargo bikers. The combination of two Bosch batteries delivers up to 1,250 Watt hours. 

The versatile power source: PowerPacks from Bosch come in a variety of types. Frame batteries are close to the bike's centre of gravity. This has a positive effect on riding behaviour. The rack variant is ideal for step-through models, offering greater freedom when mounting or dismounting. Charging is very simple in both variants: For charging with a Bosch charger, the PowerPacks can be removed with just one hand movement or conveniently charged on the bike itself. The high-quality, long-lasting eBike batteries from Bosch have the highest energy density with a compact size and are light in weight.

PowerPack 400

Whether visiting friends, enjoying a country bike ride in the fresh air or doing some errands with the eBike: PowerPack 400 delivers the energy required. The light lithium-ion battery is easy to install or remove or can simply be charged using the charging socket on the eBike. Its long life, ergonomic design and ease of handling means the PowerPack 400 provides reliable support that is strong on performance. The PowerPack 400 is included as a frame or rack battery for all product lines. 

 Compact Charger Standard ChargerFast Charger
50 % charge approx. 2.5 h approx. 1.5 h approx. 1 h
100 % charge approx. 6.5 h approx. 3.5 h approx. 2.5 h
Summer 2021