If you have any problem, you can contact us by email on info@zerogchamonix.com, or our customer service desk is open during shop hours (9h00-12h30/15h30-19h)

Article 1 : Changes to the General Sales Conditions

 The present General Sales Conditions apply to any order processed on the website www.zerogchamonix.com. Zero G reserves the right to change or adapt any part of these General Sales Conditions at any time. In case of modification, the applicable General Sales Conditions existing at the time an order is placed will apply to that particular order.

Article 2 : Product Availability
Our range of products is a representation of products that we have in stock. Upon receiving your order, we make sure we have the products on hand. Should they be unavailable (perhaps an error, recall or stock problem), we will either offer you a similar product at a similar price, or a refund. Officially we have 30 days to do this from the time at which you place your order, but we do our best to refund within 21 days. The "time at which you place your order" is understood to be the time at which our system accepts your order & payment and sends you a confirmation email. If a desired product is out of stock, we'll be in touch to you an propose a refund or other solution.

Article 3 : Price
All of our prices include French TVA sales tax, and don''t include shipping. The client pays all shipping costs, unless the client has a promo code or special offer that removes them. Zero G reserves the right to alter all prices at any time, which is something that doesn''t happen often, but is possible in cases such as our costs increasing, the TVA rate going up, or us finding an error in our pricing. We will honour the price at which you ordered the product and is shown on your confirmation email, so long as the product in question was available at that time. The prices in British Pounds or Suiss Francs are only as an indication and do not replace the prices in Euros.

Article 4 : Methods of payment & security
You may pay for your order by:

- Credit or debit card : no banking information passes through the Zero G website. Your online card payment is 100% secure. Your order is saved and accepted when we get the OK from our bank (a process that takes mere seconds).

- Paypal : you''ll need a Paypal account to pay this way. http://www.paypal.com/

- Bank transfer: Attached to your confirmation you''ll find a RIB (a summary of our banking info). Your order is logged and sent when we have received payment. This normally takes 2-3 working days before the funds clear & we can send the order.

- Cheque : simply send a cheque payable to Zero G to this address :

S.V.L. Zero G Chamonix
90 Av. Ravanel le Rouge
74400 Chamonix

Please enclose a copy of your confirmation email when paying by cheque - it helps us find your order a lot faster. Your order will be logged and sent as soon as the cheque has cleared. Please note that during the time a cheque takes to clear, the goods are still available to order on the website. We don''t advise payment by cheque, because we can only guarantee the availability of products at time of ordering, but not necessarily at the time the cheque clears. Card or Paypal payments guarantee a smooth & speedy transaction.

Security :
When you put your card information in to the Zero G website, it is encoded and sent to our bank. Zero G has no access to this information, and we don't keep it on our servers. It''s why we ask you to re-enter your card information every time you make a transaction on the site. A little more time consuming, but much more secure.

Property rights clause:
Products remain property of Zero G until full payment of an order. Les produits demeurent la propriété de Zero G jusqu''au paiement intégral de la commande. However, after delivery, responsability is transferred to the client.

Default of payment:
Zero G reserves the right to refuse to deliver or honour an order which comes from a client who has not entirely or partially paid for a previous order or a client with which a payment dispute is occuring.

Anti-fraud checks:
Zero G, and sometimes third-party agencies, checks all the orders validated on our site. These checks enable Zero G to protect ourselves and our clients from abusive practises operated by fraudsters. Whilst we are undertaking these checks, you may be asked for proof of address or proof of identity. These type of requests will be by email or very rarely by telephone.

Article 5 : Shipping methods
Zero G can not be held responsible for delivery delays on the part of the shipping company. We exonerate ourselves from all responsability ne pourra être tenu responsable des conséquences dues à un retard de livraison de la part du transporteur. Zero G exonerates itself from all liability for non-fulfillment of an order due to error on the part of the client at time of order (for example, putting the wrong address in the delivery field).

Countries :
Products available on the Zero G website can be delivered worldwide.

Delivery delays :
Delivery can take between two and four working days in mainland France, Corsica & Monaco, assuming products are available immediately (see Article 2). Holiday days and weekends are not considered "working days". Delivery time overseas can vary from 7 to 30 working days assuming products are available immediately (see Article 2). Some countries are faster, based on where they are, but generally you shouldn't expect incredibly fast international delivery.

Shipper :
Orders are delivered by La Poste by their ''Colissimo Suivi'' service, which allows you to track the location of the product in real time.

You should check the package immediately after receiving the product. Make sure the package is in good shape and hasn't been opened. If this is the case, make sure you write on the postman''s form that you''re accepting with a "reserve". We consider you to have taken delivery of the package when you sign the delivery form. We remind you that refusing to take delivery of a package will cause the package to return to us with no extra charge. If you refuse the package, please email use on infozerogchamonix.com to let us know as soon as possible (a maximum of three working days after refusing the package). In the improbable case of non-delivery of an order or a part of an order, you have up to one year to make it known to us. After one year we consider the case closed. If you didn't receive an order, please contact us and let us know. We'll open an inquiry with La Poste, which can take up to 21 days.

Article 6 : Obligations
Zero G cannot be held responsible for not meeting our obligations due to force majeure, Act of God, strike, fire, civil war, riot, unforeseeable event, civil disruption or strike (particularly by the postal services, transportation networks or infrastructure agencies). Choice of products and the purchase of a product are the responsibilities of the client. If it is completely or partially impossible for you to use the products you have bought, Zero G has no liability, damages due or refund due.

Article 7 : Right of retractation
Cancellation delay :
In accordance with article L.121-20 of the French Code de la Consommation, the client has a period of fourteen days to exercise the right of retraction. No reason is required and no penalties are due, except the cost of returning the merchandise to us. This time period counts from time of delivery. Please note we offer free return shipping from France only. The product must be returned in perfect, as-new condition, accompanied by all of its accessories (hang tags, notices, mounting hardware, guarantee documents etc). It should be in the same packaging as when you received it, and unused. This right is waived for articles that can be copied, such as DVDs, videos, music etc, unless they are returned to us unopened.

Return procedure :
Return fees are the responsibility of the client, except when using our free returns service (France only)

Return fees for a wrongful deliveries will be reimbursed by Zero G (eg if you order a red bike and we send you a blue one). Just contact us for a postage-paid label, we'll email it to you.

This right of return is only valid for products in their entirety, in their original condition and state as above. Articles returned incomplete, damaged (even slightly), tarnished, worn or otherwise used will not be accepted for return or exchange.

We undertake to carry out the refund of your product within maximum 21 days after receiving the products.

Package with "paid at arrival" postage or taxes will be rejected.

Article 8 : Warranties & SAV

    Everything we sell has a manufacturer''s warranty of once year against defects in workmanship when properly used. If your product breaks within this period, repairs will be undertaken by ourselves or someone else within the national network of centres, stations or technical agencies licensed by the manufacturer. To be able to benefit from this guarantee, you must hang onto your original proof of purchase. We remind you that you also benefit from legal protection from hidden defects under Articles 1640 & following of the Civil Code. If you think you have a warranty on a product bought here, please email sav@zerogchamonix.com

Article 9 : Freedom of Information
At any time, you have the right to access, modify, correct, edit or remove the information we hold about you under Article 34 of the "Informatiques et Libertés" law of 6 January 1978. Zero G will never divulge your personal information to anyone else. In conformity with the law, the Zero G website database has been declared to the CNIL.

Article 10 : Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Any matter pertaining to this website will be regarded under French law. The "tribunal compétent" in case of litigation is the Bonneville Tribunal.

Article 11 : Business Details
Siege Social : Zero G is registered in the leger of businesses & companies as ZERO G SARL under number 43130709900025, with the TVA intracommunautaire number TVA FR 91 431 307 099. Zero G is based at 90 Ave Ravanel le Rouge, 74400 Chamonix, France.

Article 12 : Price Promotions
trad FR stp Zero G Chamonix always reserves the right to exclude certain products from price promotions or promo codes.

You can always contact Zero G :

  • by e-mail : info@zerogchamonix.com
  • by telephone : +33 (0)4 50 53 01 01
  • by mail to 90 Ave Ravanel le Rouge, 74400 Chamonix, France.

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